Textura Wines is highlighted in the January edition of the Portuguese wine magazine “Revista de Vinhos“. The wine-specialized publication characterizes the venture situated in Gouveia, Serra da Estrela, as “one of the most stimulating, promising, and unique producers in the Dão.” The article also emphasizes that the initiative “serves as an exemplary model of the Circular Economy: it was established within the dilapidated remains of an abandoned textile factory, where, apart from hosting its winery, there is now a dedicated focus on wine tourism.”

Mariana Salvador, Patrícia Berardi and Marcelo Villela de Araújo – credits @revistadevinhos

According to the Revista de Vinhos opinion, the couple Marcelo Villela de Araújo and Patrícia Berardi have established an exemplary project in just three years. They have imprinted their mark on it, grounded in the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. They have also crafted the wines according to their personal taste, with the assistance of oenological expertise from Luís Seabra, supported by resident oenologist Mariana Salvador.

Textura Wines winery, located in Gouveia, Serra da Estrela – credits @revistadevinhos

The report commends the quality of the wines, highlighting that “they distinguish themselves for their elegance, freshness, balance, and great finesse.” The author emphasizes that “these wines primarily express the essence of the terroir that nurtures them, a result of minimal intervention in the winery and utmost respect for the raw materials“.

Some wines produced by Textura Wines – credits @revistadevinhos

The vineyards are also remarkable, having been under organic production since 2023. They are situated in two sub-regions of the Dão, in Serra da Estrela, specifically in Vila Nova de Tazem (Gouveia), at altitudes ranging from 480 to 550 meters, on granite soils. Additionally, in the Castendo sub-region, located in Penalva do Castelo, the vineyards are positioned at altitudes between 460 and 500 meters, on clay-granite soils, and include some quartz deposits.

Textura Wines Wine Tourism Center in Gouveia, Serra da Estrela – credits @revistadevinhos

Revista de Vinhos also spotlights Textura Wines recent wine tourism initiative, describing it as “a welcoming space for wine tasting and sales, complemented by a spacious and comfortable adjacent room featuring traditional wooden beams on the ceiling and a floor made entirely of cork.” This setting provides the opportunity for scheduled meals, always featuring local products and traditional dishes from the region.

Wine Tourism Center – “Textura” Room – credits @revistadevinhos

Continuing in the realm of wine tourism, there is the ongoing refurbishment of a substantial space—an elegant salon constructed within one of the pavilions of the former textile factory. This space, nearly completed, will serve as a venue for various occasions, including business events, weddings, christenings, group dinners, and more.


Wines tasted/highlighted:

D. Áurea 2021 – Red (97 points)

Nose notes filled with sour cherry and some floral hints. It evokes wines from Jura. On the palate, it exhibits considerable expression and liveliness. It unfolds distinct layers, showcasing a lot of elegance and depth. The finish is long and delightful.

Consumption: 2024-2051

59 € / 16ºC


Vinha Negrosa 2018 – Red (96 points)

A red wine of great complexity and richness, both on the nose and on the palate. Abundant fruit, black pepper, dimension, and depth, with polished tannins. It carries a touch of rusticity, combined with smoothness. A wine that unveils various nuances and layers, deserving to be savored with attention and time.

Consumption: 2024-2048

54 € / 16ºC


Constructo 2018 – Red (94 points)

Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro co-fermented. It has an aromatic profile that combines characteristics of both grape varieties. Displays red and black fruit on the nose. On the palate, it features present and fine-grained tannins, good dimension, depth, and a finish with a subtle medicinal touch.

Consumption: 2024-2043

42 € / 16ºC


Pura 2021 – White (94 points)

Made from grapes sourced from old vines and fermented in barrels and foudres. The nose exhibits an austere profile with citrus notes, hints of wax, and a touch of matchstick. On the palate, it maintains the house style: textured, long, broad, and quite delicate.

Consumption: 2024-2036

37 € / 11ºC


Textura da Estrela Jaen 2021 – Red (94 points)

In the foreground, floral notes, accompanied by aromas of fresh red fruits. The background carries a gentle touch of matchstick and subtle smoke. On the palate, fine tannins, profound, delicate, textured, and layered. A wine to be tasted slowly and attentively. Long-lasting.

Consumption: 2024-2041

27 € / 16ºC


Encoberta 2020 – Red (93 points)

The nose is filled with black cherry upfront, with a hint of enamel in the background of the glass. The tannins are fine, and the palate has a burst of fruity flavor upon entry. The wine is linear, fresh, and possesses considerable depth.

Consumption: 2024-2035

21 € / 16ºC


Pura 2020 – Red (93 points)

The nose is somewhat austere, featuring notes of black cherry and a subtle hint of forest herbs. The tannins are firm and somewhat robust but with a certain richness. The wine is sharp and deep, exhibiting tension and vibrancy.

Consumption: 2024-2040

39 € / 16ºC


Textura da Estrela Tinta Pinheira 2021 – Red (93 points)

Color is light, filled with aromas of pine trees, eucalyptus, and forest berries. On the palate, it has tannins, depth, dryness, sharpness, lightness, with a lot of freshness and elegantly wild characteristics. A delight.

Consumption: 2024-2031

27 € / 11ºC


Textura da Estrela 2021 – White (92 points)

Blend of Encruzado, Bical, and Cercial-Branco. Austerity on the nose, with a matchstick note on the attack and white pulp fruit in the background. Good density, finesse. Broad and long on the palate.

Consumption: 2024-2036

21 € / 11ºC


Textura da Estrela 2021 – Red (92 points)

Subtle profile on the nose, featuring some fruit, a light note of white pepper, and a discreet background of dried thyme. On the palate, it is broad, with good depth, some concentration, and very fine tannins.

Consumption: 2024-2036

21 € / 16ºC


Pretexto 2022 – Branco (91 pontos)

A blend mainly composed of Encruzado and Bical, with the luxurious addition of Gouveio, Malvasia Fina, and Cerceal Branco. This is a white wine of class, elegance, and delicacy. It possesses breadth and depth on the palate, being both linear and delightful.

Consumption: 2024-2032

14 € / 11ºC


Wine Reviewer: Luís Costa (Revista de Vinhos, Issue 410, January 2024)