Verve Wines, present in three different states in the United States of America, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, has wine shops with a portfolio of incredible wines from around the world. In this month of June they wrote about Texture Wines:

“It’s one of our favorite family projects out of Portugal. Textura Wines was born with terroir as a backbone, on the slopes of Serra da Estrela. Part production, part wine tourism, Textura conveys the honesty of the Dão. With the highest respect for the soils, plants, and creatures, these wines carry the culture of their growing region. For summer meals, from burgers on the grill to delicate seafood, we turn to Textura time and time again. And we’re never disappointed.”

See in this link the wines of Textura Wines by Verve Wines.

Thanks to Verve Wines for the amazing words and to our partners – JD Selections and Grand Cru Selections.